Why HandyHumans don’t work with everybody

HandyHumans is one of London’s leading independent services companies with a workforce of highly experienced engineers and tradespeople to support all your service and maintenance needs. We complete more than 7000 jobs a year, with more than 78% of the work coming from returning customers. We take a lot of pride in our work, and we always repay our customers for their trust. However, we choose our clients wisely and do not work with everybody and here are a few reasons why: 1. People are rude and do not respect our staff. After many years in the business, 2021 surprised us with a first: a blacklisted client. We take great pride in having good people in the HandyHumans team. They are experienced, friendly, kind, and respectful. Not only do they do their job right, but they also treat the clients right. We expect the same treatment from our customers, and we always strive towards improving our communication to ensure it. If a client is rude and disrespectful towards our staff, we reserve the right to interrupt all communication and activity with them for the foreseeable future. Be kind, it’s free. 😊 2. Client’s expectations are not realistic. We will do our best to make any construction and home maintenance dreams become a reality. However, some clients don’t always know what goes into the work they are hiring us to do. Whether it is an impossible to meet deadline or a project that logistically can’t be completed, it is important for us to communicate limitations from the start. We will always try to find ways to accommodate a client and provide alternative solutions if the client is willing to cooperate and compromise. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and that’s why we only take on projects that we are confident we can complete.   3. Clients are expecting small jobs during the weekend. We do all kinds of jobs, big or small, we do it all. But we do it on working days, during working hours, specifically Monday until Friday between 09:00-17:30 pm. We do not work during the weekends unless we really, (and I mean really) do not have a choice. For example, if your ceilings falls down, we might skip that lovely Saturday family lunch and come give a helping hand. If you have a broken door handle, we are more than happy to help, on Monday. 😉   4. Clients ask for multiple quotes, but never approve any job.

During an inspection our estimators carefully inspect the property – this takes a lot of time, resources, and patience. They document all the information for future reference, provide a quote for repairing the damages but also for fixing the root of the problem. We have two estimators who carefully work on each quote and sometimes it takes a couple of days until we gather all the needed information for your detailed quote. We’ve had people asking us to provide multiple quotes, removing certain items and adding new ones, only for them to inform us they were not actually looking to get the job done, they were just interested in pricing. This process took a lot of back and forth, multiple emails and time spent by our customer service team, our estimator, and our suppliers. We are more than happy to reply to any questions you might have and change up the quote however many times until you are satisfied with it, with the condition that you are looking for a contractor and not just testing the market (that is what estimates are for 😊).


That being said, 90% of our clients are returning customers and we would be more than happy for you to raise that percentage. You know where to find us!