HandyHumans’ Top 3 Most Awkward Moments at Work

Awkward situation can happen anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately, that means you will most likely get embarrassed at work too. Out of curiosity I’ve asked our HandyHumans for their most awkward moments on site and got some truly cringe-worthy stories that will make you want to dig a hole and crawl inside it forever, and they didn’t even happen to you! Here are the top 3 awkward HandyHumans moments: 1. Our team has been working at a property for a few days on a really important project. We love all our clients, honestly, truly! However, this particular client was a bit difficult to deal with and our team was having one of those “no, you go ask him!” moments every time they needed indications. The final day of the work came, and our team was ready to pack up and leave only to discover the door was locked and the client had fallen asleep. The whole team would like to take this occasion to thank our HandyHuman Robin for building up the courage and waking up the client. Not all heroes wear capes! 2. If you’ve ever watched How I Met Your Mother, then you are familiar with the naked guy. Well, HandyHumans have their own naked lady. Our client had an extremely busy work schedule and she provided us a key to the property so we would not depend on her for access. A few days later our team arrived on site and was preparing to start the job when they bumped into the client who just got out of the shower and was rushing to get ready for work. Needless to say, she completely forgot we were supposed to start work that day. 3. This one has no excuse, and I am just going to get straight to the point: our team went and started work at the wrong address. Yes, they did have the correct address. No, they did not go there, they went to the neighbours. Luckily, they did not start knocking any walls down, but they did repair a fence for free. If you can beat these want-to-melt-into-a-puddle-and-down-a-drain-into-the-ocean moments, please share your stories in the comments!