Home Remodeling Decisions You’ll Never Regret

Home remodeling is a big investment and can therefore be extremely stressful. While it might be tempting to go for the first thing that catches your eye on Pinterest, there is no guarantee that the next buyer (or even you in a few years) will feel the same way about it.

The good news is that there are a few decisions you can take and that won’t keep you up at night, wondering if you’ve done the right thing. The following home improvement decisions will make your home timelessly gorgeous and will increase its value.

#1: White, white and…white!

Bottom line: White simply does not go out of style! Whether you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, white is the way to go. It’s a bright colour that reflects light and makes even small spaces feel larger. It’s also a standard colour for cabinets, tiles, appliances and so on which makes it extremely easy to find and budget friendly. White is also a colour that can be personalized with a few simple touches such as glass knobs or colourful decorations. Any hue you choose will look fresh and contemporary next to a white base.

#2: Shaker style cabinets are your best friends

Clean, simple lines will always be in style. Shaker cabinets have simple frame-and-panel designs that reduce the busyness of a space and make it a soothing, relaxing place to be. Overcrowding can be extremely daunting and can easily make you feel stressed and loose focus. Plain, simple lines counteract that by bringing a fresh, aesthetically pleasing vibe to a room. Bonus, shaker style cabinets are easy to keep clean and look great with kitchen silver hardware. What’s not to love?

#3: Hardwood for flooring

The love for wood is in our DNA. Wood brings warmth, personality and it makes a space feel cozy and inviting which is ideal for our nesting instincts. Hardwood also works well with any style whether it’s casual cottage or sleek contemporary. This clever chameleon is perfect for open floor plans, flowing beautifully from the kitchen into adjoining rooms. You also don’t have to worry about your floors getting damaged as wood stands the test of time and it can be refinished up to 12 times during its 100-year lifespan.

#4: Tiles for the backsplash

Classic white rectangle tiles became popular a long time ago in kitchens and baths and have stuck around ever since. Now they are considered iconic and are destined to never go out of style. In the kitchen, ceramic tiles are perfect for a backsplash – they guard against moisture, are easy to clean, last forever, and always look classy. You can of course opt for a more colourful backsplash, but neutral will always be current and blend with any look (back to point #1). Pair a white tile backsplash with a marble countertop and you’ll have a classy look that will stand the test of time. To make it even more enduring, keep it achromatic and camouflage dirt with gray or beige grout.

#5: Replace windows and revamp your electrical systems

Older houses often come problems, the most common being sticky and troublesome windows. While it can get pretty expensive, window replacement pays off in energy savings and boosts home value. Plus, you’ll love throwing open your new windows in springtime, with no broken latches or warped sashes to get in your way.

Old wiring does not only affect your home’s value but it’s also a safety risk. Any money that you spend on protecting and making your home safe is an investment as nobody will be interested in purchasing a home with a faulty electrical system.

#6: Lighting matters

Lighting can easily be seen as an afterthought, but truthfully, it impacts every detail in a room. Good lighting can make all the difference as it accentuates the features of your home. Take time to research for a way to implement both natural light and accent lighting in your home for maximum efficiency. Use a licensed electrician (aka one of our HandyHumans) who can ensure all changes are up to code. Contact us for any home improvement you are planning, you deserve the highest level of service and support there is to offer.